Hi, I'm Doreen Rocha, and I've been obsessed with decorating for the holidays since I can remember. There's something magical about it that brings joy not only to me but to my loved ones as well. There's just something about twinkling lights and festive ornaments that warms the heart.  When the pandemic hit, we all needed a little extra comfort and cheer so my daughter and I decided to take our holiday spirit to new heights. We brought six holiday trees into our home, and they've been the heart of our festivities ever since.

Fast forward three years, and we're still at it. Our house is a never-ending holiday party, and our friends and family can't get enough. We began sharing our creations on social media, and the response was heartwarming. Compliments and praise poured in and before we knew it, we were helping not only family and friends but also small businesses infuse their spaces with the unique charm of our decorations. It was then that I realized I wanted to take this passion to the next level and offer our services to those who desired festive decorations, and here we are!

My dedication lies in providing unique and imaginative decorating services that are always one-of-a-kind. From classic holiday colors and styles to contemporary and modern designs, we cater to every taste we do it all.  Whether you want us to use your own ornaments or seek out new ones to match your vision, we've got you covered.

Don't have a tree yet? No worries! We'll help you find the perfect one and transform it into a festive masterpiece. So, whether it's Christmas, Easter, or any special event, let's make your space radiate with holiday cheer. Check out our gallery for inspiration or let your imagination run wild – we're here to bring your holiday dreams to life and to make your holidays extra special. We can cover any type of event if you wanted your home to look festive we can help you with your wishes.

Let's make every day feel like a holiday together!