Packages & Pricing

We have three different packages to choose from below that may fit your needs.  We can discuss these packages to see which package fits your needs best in more detail over the phone.

Standard: $499 + Premium: $799 + Ultimate: $999 +
  • Your tree is up and branched
  • You provide your decorations
  • Lights in the tree already
  • Use your topper we provide Standard
  • Use your color scheme
  • We will add our dazzling touch
  • Provide your own skirt (if any)
  • We add your landscape (if any)
  • You put away your tree & décor 
  • We will clean and pack our items
  • Your tree is up and we branch
  • Use your own décor & ours
  • Pre-Lit and will provide or fix
  • We will provide a Deluxe topper
  • Use your colors & add ours
  • We will add our dazzling touch
  • Use a skirt if any/we can provide
  • We use your landscape & ours
  • We take down Tree & decor
  • We clean-up & pack items
  • We put up your tree or buy one and branch
  • We buy all your decorations
  • Pre-Lit tree and will provide or fix  if  needed
  • We provide a Premium Topper plus decor
  • We provide your color scheme and theme
  • We will add our dazzling touch
  • We buy your skirt (if wanted)
  • We buy your landscape decor
  • We take down Tree and organize decor
  • We clean up and pack all items 

Prices may vary depending on the size and type of tree being decorated and if you have one or we have to purchase a tree would be additional.

We can supply extra items to make the tree dazzle more by using some of our specialty items that would be just to rent and we would pack and take these back home.